How UV-C Works

There are three wavelength categories for ultra-violet light: UV-A (long), UV-B (medium) and UV-C (short).

UV-A and UV-B are able to penetrate through the atmosphere and reach the Earth's surface. UV-A and B have been found to cause sunburn and contribute to the development of skin cancer. UV-C however behaves a little differently.

UV-C emits between 200-280nm of light which is in the germicidal range. For over a century (Niels Ryberg Finsen), this range has been proven to effectively scramble and kill the DNA and RNA in hundreds of viruses and bacteria including other Coronaviruses.

It has even been found to disarm "superbugs" such as MRSA that have become resistant to antibiotics in recent years.

Devices such as your phone are incubators for any number of viruses and bacteria. In fact, your phone hold 18x more bacteria than a public restroom.

Consider how often your hands come into contact with your phone on any given day after they have encountered the usual public spaces: subways, public washrooms, door handles.

Now combine this with the warmth of your phone battery and it becomes the perfect breathing ground for all kinds of viruses and bacteria to thrive on.

Why can't we just use a disinfectant wipe? It's not that simple. Disinfectant wipes containing alcohol have been found to break down the oleophobic coating on your screen and can permanently damage your display.

No Heat, No Liquid and No Chemicals in the sterilization process here.

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